A bit about us

North News and Pictures started life in 1984 supplying photos, news and features to Regionals and National newspapers, TV and magazines. As well as photos for the PR industry.
We began in the two room attic of a terraced shop on Teesside with founders Ted and Jane Ditchburn. Both still work in the business.

Now we have our head office on Newcastle's riverside, mini-creative quarter at St Peter's Wharf, near to the Ouseburn and Hoults Yard media and digital creative hubs. Our staff are based around the region

We continue to produce news and features for newspapers,TV and magazines but that is now alongside our main business of producing videos, pictures and copy for business, education, health and public sector clients.
We remain focussed on producing the very best content just as we have always been, the biggest change has been the digitalisation of content.

That is something we have been at the forefront of, using some of the very first digital cameras, and digital image distribution as early as 1996.
We have constantly updated since then!

As digitalisation has accelerated it has brought the rise of social media and the explosion in video demand amongst companies keen to populate the social media space with their own videos.
Our development has had to reflect this.

Staying in the market to supply Main Stream Media (MSM) as we always have.
But also moving into the much larger market of creating content for companies, public sector organisations, universities, hospitals, PR agencies and everyone else anxious to keep up in the digital age.

The Team

  • Ted Ditchburn Director
  • Jane Ditchburn Director
  • Raoul Dixon Picture Editor
  • Richard Rayner Videographer
  • Will Walker Videographer
  • Victoria Williams News Editor
  • Karon Kelly Reporter
  • Kerri Muirhead Reporter
  • Rob Gibson Video Editor
  • Peter Daniels Content Desk
  • Sandra Gibbs Accounts
  • Emika Berry Reporter
Want to join the team?

No permanent positions are available at the moment

But we are always keen to meet and talk through non-staff opportunities with videographers, video editors, writers or photographers keen to break into the media

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We continue to provide a fast, professional and reliable service to our established clients – newspapers, magazines, TV and radio – by supplying words and images of what’s happening in our region.

And now we do so much more – with award-winning photographers, a team of journalists and a content desk manned by experienced staff using sophisticated technology, we have an enviable reputation for PR services.

Our record for getting pictures onto pages and video onto online newspaper sites is second to none and makes us a clear choice for PR professionals who appreciate our unrivalled methods of distribution, delivery and routes to market.

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