North News photographers are relied upon to deliver top-class pictures for everyone from The Sun to The Spectator.

Our team of award-winning photographers and journalists cover breaking news across the North East, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and the Scottish Borders.
We provide comprehensive court coverage - with a dedicated court reporter at Newcastle Law Courts - and our features department is one of the busiest in the business, providing a steady stream of exclusives for magazines and newspapers.

Our staff are experienced in adopting the right approach for every publication, situation or market - the picture requirements for the Times Educational Supplement are likely to differ from a magazine like Take A Break.

The back-up from our newsroom means our photographers are in the right place at the right time to get the pictures that make the papers.

Our regional sports coverage is unparallelled and we have a huge archive of sports and news pictures stretching back to the 1980s.

An expertly-manned, fully-integrated electronic digital picture desk enables us to deliver pictures to clients within minutes of them being taken.

We distribute our pictures worldwide via FTP and URLs. Technology now allows us to handle a busy workflow at speeds that would have been untenable a few years ago.


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